Burgundy Fairytale

A painter’s got a canvas. A writer’s got reams of empty paper. A musician has silence,” said British musician Keith Richards.

My canvas is all that my eyes can see.

A  life-size canvas, white sheet of paper, silence

or thousands of sounds blending in.

And then comes my paintbrush, my pen,

and my little madness,


to create a unique painting, story, melody.


Here is a whole series of photographs

taken in my pretty Burgundy,

at dawn,

and then at dusk,

which recreates somewhat of a fairytale.



is I think,

the keyword

— for these few pictures.


A voice, a fight.

For a life, for desires

— follies.


It’s an hymn, a song, an hommage almost

to what my dad once told me:

“They don’t realise

how much energy you put

into your own little crazy things.”


The impossible is possible,

so was his motto,

his way of life,

and even his way to laugh and smile.


And even Ginny Weasley,

in a world of magic,

at all costs reminds us of it:

“Anything’s possible

if you’ve got enough nerve.” 

Au départ, le peintre a une toile. L’écrivain a une feuille de papier. Le musicien, lui, a le silence,” a dit le musicien britannique, Keith Richards.

Mon canvas à moi, c’est tout ce que mes yeux peuvent voir.

Une toile, une feuille blanche, un silence

ou un millier de bruits qui se mélangent,

grandeur nature.

Et puis vient mon pinceau, mon stylo,

et ma petite folie,


pour créer un tableau, une histoire, une mélodie unique.


Ici, c’est toute une série de photographies

prises dans ma jolie Bourgogne,

au coucher,

puis au lever

du soleil,

qui recrée

comme un conte de fées.



c’est je crois,

le mot-clé

— de ces quelques clichés.


Une voix, un combat.

Pour une vie, pour des envies

— des folies.


C’est un hymne, un chant, un hommage presque

à ce qu’a un jour pu me dire mon papa:

“Ils ne se rendent pas compte

de toute cette énergie que tu mets

à réaliser tes idées un peu folles.”


L’impossible est possible,

telle était sa devise,

sa façon de vivre,

et même de rire et de sourire.


Et même Ginny Weasley,

dans un monde de magie,

le rappelle à tout prix:

“Tout est possible,

du moment qu’on a assez de cran.”


« Brave Burgundy, undoubted hope of France! »

– William Shakespeare, First Part of King Henry VI, III, iii. 

« I like everything that’s good, Beauty and Burgundy, Venus and Venison. »

– William Makepeace Thackery, The History of Pendennis, chap. 14.


« Hail, Burgundy, thou juice divine,

Inspirer of my song:—

The praises given to other wine

To thee alone belong.

– Inscribed to the Musical Society, at the Five Bells Tavern in the Strand, London

« I took one sip; I closed my eyes, and every beautiful thing that I had ever known crowded into my memory. In the old fairy tales the price drinks a magic potion, or looks into a magic crystal, and all the secrets of the earth are revealed to him. I have experienced that miracle. The song of armies sweeping into battle, the roar of the waves upon a rocky shore, the glint of sunshine after rain on the leaves of a forest, the depths of the church organ, the voices of children singing hymns, all these and a hundred other things seemed to be blended into one magnificence….Yes, I, a devotee of Bordeaux, solemnly declare that the three greatest bottles I have ever tasted were all from Burgundy. »

– Ibid., pp. 167-168. [Healy’s three greatest bottles]


« …Burgundy in all its sunset glow »

– George Gordon, Lord Byron 1788-1824: Don Juan, canto 2, st. 180.


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