I Will Always Follow My Heart

I have always followed my heart.

People know me as the girl who always follows her heart, who makes decisions based on what she feels will make her happy and be best for her own mental health. Even if that sounds crazy and absurd and completely unreasonable to others. She does it anyway.

I do it anyway.


So why be wise this time? Why voluntarily doom myself to wake up with sorrow, go through the days one after the other just because I have no other choice, fall asleep with tears in my eyes and pain in my heart? Why inflict this upon my own being when I wouldn’t wish it to anyone else?

I often hear, ‘how you spend your days is exactly how you spend your life’… and I know I want my life to be delightfully unreasonable, completely random at times even – because why the hell not – I want to plan adventures at 2 am from a Parisian rooftop and become unable to count the sleepless nights spent working hard or laughing too loudly with my best friend at silly jokes or at our silly drunk selves wandering the empty streets of a foreign city. Put simply, I want to build the life I have always dreamt for myself. And it’s a little mad. And it’s a little me. But fuck it. So be it.

My days will be crazy unreasonable, random, and filled with adventures and surprises.

This is what my heart wants. And I’ll listen to it.



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