Let’s be envoys of love


© Photo by Benjamin Balázs

The world scares me… 

I do not have words tonight, 
for my tears swallowed them all. 

I feel like these horrendous days have been a turning point, 
like they’ve finally and hopefully made most people realise how much unity counts 
– whatever our origin, nationality, religion and gender 
– how much hope and dreams of a brighter future matter, 
how essential love is to our lives.

Because if you do not love others, 
then you hate. 
And hate is the most dangerous poison. 

With all my heart, I wish that this grief 
that is tearing my chest apart 
could leave, 

But at the same time, I want it to stay 
and I want it to keep burning my soul 
so that one day 
it can turn into the sweetest 
but surely most powerful weapon. 


This way and this way only will tolerance and respect be achieved.

Violent retaliations are the reasons why the world is bleeding 
and has been suffering for years 
– centuries even!

Let’s be peacemakers – not war declarers, 
let’s be lovers – not haters, 
and let’s be hopeful, 
for the world is such a wonder that was left to us to be taken care of.

Let’s be envoys of love instead of hate, 
of hope instead of despair, 
of peace instead of war. 

That’s what will light up out world!

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