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A hashtag to gather and a campaign video to fight against street harassment…

A big THANK YOU to all of my friends who agreed to be featured in this video and to all of those who support this campaign!

Let’s make it go viral now!


After the release of my article ‘STREET HARASSMENT: TIME TO SAY STOP‘ last October, finally discover the video I’d promised you :)

GIF #Fighters

‘A movement won’t have meaning without the support of men. We do need them on our side and by our side. Because we (women) might be the evidence of this harassment but they (men) are the ones who can fight it.

I think nothing can truly change if mentalities don’t change. I’m very sorry to say to nowadays’ organisations and associations that donations, money, won’t solve the problems our world has to face. Money is a temporary solution. What the world needs, what we need, is a permanent solution, something that’s so big and so free at the same time that no one thinks about it, something that’s way more valuable than money… that’s something universal. That is ART! That’s what will enter our minds & souls and fathom our thinking.

ART is something that happens to us and touches the deepest parts of ourselves even if we don’t want it to. Most of the time, you’re unconscious when you’re touched by art, but the thing is… you are! Whether you like it or not! That is more powerful than anything you can ever think of.

And that is why, if this campaign is meant to last or rather if we want to make it last, the only way to do so is to share our masterpieces.


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