One Song #1 – Adored By Him by Dodie Clark

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Hi everyone! Sunday, I decided to create a new type of blogposts to share with you from time to time. I called it One Song and it’s very simply about sharing one song I stumbled upon on a random day and really fancied :D

The first song I chose to inaugurate this new subcategory is « Adored By Him » by Dodie Clark. Dodie is a Youtuber I discovered no later than… well… Sunday! She seems so lovely and her videos are some of the sweetest. And it’s the same concerning the songs she writes – very very very very nice! Apart from being a songwriter, she also does covers; she ‘s always accompanied by her ukulele or piano and… she vlogs!

If you don’t know her yet, I really advise you to check out her main channel and have fun with her watching her videos!

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Right. Back to the song now! I came upon it after watching Carrie Hope Fletcher and Celinde Schoenmaker’s cover of it (I by the way added the video of the cover at the end of this post too ^^) and I basically had a BIG FAT crush on it!

It’s just such a lovely song I think many girls can relate to.

It’s about looking at the one you love adoring another girl but not being mad at her because your love for this lucky guy is already way to anchored in your everything! And it’s about being a little sad when you see that one guy being with someone you’ll never match – because you’ll think – maybe you’re not good enough.

Don’t think that way! You are enough! 

Stop comparing yourself to other girls because they’re skinnier, they have better hair, longer legs and bigger boobs. Be yourself  because you’re the only you and no one can match you either! You’re beautiful and amazing in your own way so please don’t change… and be yourself! And the one who’ll be looked at then, because she’ll be adored by that lucky guy, it . will . be . you! :)

♡ ♡ ♡


Pretty girl with the butterscotch hair
 Your eyes and the sunshine smile you wear
 I can see how you make his soul glow

Pretty girl with the adventurous mind
 you envision so much you make me look blind
 You spark his life in ways I'll never know

I won't hate you
 but oh it stings
 how does it feel
 to be adored by him

pretty girl there's no need to fret
 Cause it's midnight, he's drunk and you're the one in his head
 You don't even have to try at all.

pretty girl oh he looks at you
 as if life is perfect cause the world is new
 In those moments I just feel so small.

I won't hate you
 but oh it stings
 how does it feel
 to be adored by him

how stupid to think
 that I could compare
 to the pretty girl 
 with the butterscotch hair

Cover by the amazing and so very lovely Celinde and Carrie from Les Mis… of course! <3


2 Commentaires

  1. Sky
    15th septembre 2015 / 9:50

    I <3 your blog

    • Marie
      16th septembre 2015 / 9:58

      Thank you :) xx

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