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Feeling like going on a cruise and being the adventurous sailor you’ve always dreamt of being?! Well I’ve been myself kind of tempted by one recently and have found some truly amazing deals from great travel operators. So I decided to tell you a tad more about them as well as my suggestions regarding what to pack to get ready the best way possible before going on a cruise.

But first of all, let me tell you why I’d love to go on one. There are so many positive aspects about them… First of all, I think they’re ideal when you simply want to relax and enjoy the sea air… But the main positive and most beautiful & wonderful thing about going on a cruise is, in my opinion, the fact that every morning you wake up and you’re in a completely different place from the one you were in the day before. In addition to this, rooms are mostly spacious, calm reigns on the boat, staff members are usually lovely and so adorable and you always have an amazingly GLORIOUS breakfast! Plus, you’re not always on big ferries but can sometimes get slightly vintage and travel on an amazing sailing boat ;).

In short, if you enjoy sailing and love the idea of moving from one place to another every single day, this article is made for you. Now, regarding the destination, I have checked online and here is the variety of great destinations you can go cruising: the Caribbean & Central America, Canary Islands & Morocco, Western Mediterranean, Eastern Mediterranean & the Black Sea, and Scandinavia, Baltic & the UK. I would literally love to go everywhere but… my preference goes to the last one! These areas of northern Europe are way too much forgotten and ignored when one thinks of going on a cruise while they are, in my opinion, some of the most different & gorgeous places ever! This cruise also gives you the opportunity to see northern Europe from a different angle and enjoy it a completely other way. Besides, as a European person, my heart will as well probably be tempted by the Caribbean & Central America, which remains a totally unknown area of our planet to me but which I’m yearning to discover someday… and after all, why not doing it while on a cruise?!

However, before rushing headlong I think it’d be judicious to think about what to pack! Here are only some ideas and most of all my personal essentials before going on a trip on the sea but it might as well help you… First, I pack some skin and hair care products because everyone knows that as lovely and freeing travelling on the sea can be, it also is a disaster for some people’s hair and skin; therefore, I always have some hydrating moistures both for my hair and skin. I never bring tons of make-up but I at least take two nail polishes (my current favourites being this Essie one and this beautiful cooperation between The Beautyst and Carnet Prune) and one perfume (which would be Dream by Marc Jacobs currently). I also always have a book in my hands (the one I devoured this summer is none but the exceptional novel by John Green, The Fault in our Stars) and often put in my bag a magazine with games inside :D! This accompanied by a violet-syrup-plus-lemonade drink are all that’s needed to make a day very relaxing! But if I want to make it beautiful and unforgettable, I’d better not forget my favourite notebook and fancy pen to write down all my sailor’s adventures!

Well, I guess you’re ready to go onboard now, sailors! Hats off! But please, in the meantime, shall we not forget to send postcards to our dear friends who are still on solid ground ;)!

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