Magic Moments #16 (Contest inside!)

Passed 7

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well today, ’cause you’ve got an all brand new InstaMagic to go through ;)!

This one will be composed of photos of the season as well as some yummy pictures ^^ You’ll also find a few words of my heart, though they are not numerous in this issue, for most of this month has been dedicated to exams and to the preparation of my internship in London this summer, which will be at Malvern House (I can officially share this with you now and I won’t miss keeping you updated on my activities and little life in THE city once I’m there) :D!

Finally, you have a contest at the end of this post giving you a chance to maybe win a new Le Petit Marseillais deodorant (More information at the end of the article).

With this, I’ll let you enjoy the photos & few words present in this blogpost and also take part into this contest with Le Petit Marseillais.

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contest feat


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Hey everyone! me again :p 

The other day I received a parcel as new Little Ambassador for Le Petit Marseillais, which contained 2 of their new summery deodorants (Shea & Green Tea) as well as a few vouchers.
Before I explain the rules of this new contest, I’d like to introduce you briefly to this French brand we’re all addicted to in my family! ^^ Le Petit Marseillais was born in the south of France (in Provence, where I’m by the way going to go to this weekend!!!) with the release of the extremely famous Marseille soap.
All of their products have tastes of sun, nice weather, lavender, garrigue, citrus fruits, holidays (at least for some of us ^^!) and above all a good dose of happiness!

Concerning the contest aiming at promoting and making you discover their very nice and sweet new deodorants, I want to offer to one of you the GREEN TEA deodorant as well as two vouchers of 1 € each.
Moreover, 5 other participants will be able to win 2 vouchers in case they fancy trying one of the four new Le Petit Marseillais deodorants (Shea/ green tea/ orange blossom/ rose).

TAKING PART is extremely easy and only requires you to LEAVE A COMMENT under this article (or you can also like & comment or share one of the 2 photos present on one of the two social media – Instagram [photo1//photo2] or on Facebook [photo1//photo2])!

Good luck and sweet weekend to all of you!

You’ve got until JUNE, 13th!


 WINNER –> Camille P. 

Congratulations Camille, you’ve won the new Le Petit Marseillais GREEN TEA deodorant as well as 2 vouchers!

Concerning the 3 other participants (Jax, Amélie, Maelle & Caroline), you all win a few Le Petit Marseillais vouchers!


4 Commentaires

  1. Camille
    4th juin 2014 / 5:22

    Hey love!
    I’m participating again your contest!! ^_^
    This article is lovely as you are! I’ve truly loved the pictures you put where we can see the coffees and the tart (yummy!), but the others are beautiful as well! =)
    Continue to write and stay as you are <3

    • Marie
      5th juin 2014 / 10:37

      thanks so much, lovely <33
      much love

  2. Caroline
    13th juin 2014 / 10:59

    Bonjour!! Fantastic article and many congratulations on becoming a little ambassador xxx

    • Marie
      13th juin 2014 / 1:02

      Ah thank you, my lovely Caroline :) It all followed a project we worked on at uni this year :)

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