Magic Moments #14


My 14th InstaMagic and lots of photos of the past month again!

First of all, I’m sorry I didn’t publish anything before but I’ve been sick for almost a week now and though I’m feeling better now, I’ve still not completely recovered so… I’m so sorry about that :/ Hope you won’t be too mad at me :3

  Anyway, concerning March, it has been a very nice and inspiring month, just like every other actually :)

Indeed, March 24th was my dad 53rd birthday and I remember we went to the restaurant with my grandparents and my brother, where we had an extremely delicious dinner (you’ll by the way be able to have glimpse of ^^).

In this new post, you’ll also find all my daily little pictures, as well as the ones accompanying the Words of my Heart

I hope you enjoy this other insight in my little life ;)

Lots of love,



Who I am and what I’ll become are mysteries… Secrets I’ll never tell.

3e41365ab1bd11e38753125b8789c25f_8I like being my own enigma. I like being a mystery to people. And I never want them to know about me; because if they do find out anything more than what I want them to be aware of, if the mystery and the secrets go away, I would have lost all that was making me interesting and different.

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I’m still wearing the smile you gave me yesterday. #J

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My words don’t make sense when you’re not in them…

e2a99e94a1f011e3b56312c03b4ac6f5_8It’s important to value the people who believe in you. They’ll never ever let you down! © Beautiful Australian sunset Photo by @ggglot181

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Our modern society has been corrupted with new technologies for years now and people have lost the simplest notion of writing down their feelings – I mean a proper writing-down thing; in other words, POETRY.

Jack Kerouac once wrote: “Don’t use the phone. People are never ready to answer it. Use poetry.” And oh dear, how true!

I can tell because I experience it myself every single day. I write my heart out on sheets of paper, on my phone or on my computer… I put words everywhere – literally everywhere! And when I see how the people I write my own little piece of poetry for react after reading it, it’s just the best feeling in the world because then, you feel like your words are not just words anymore but they are words that matter and, more importantly maybe, words that’ll be remembered, kept and cherished forever.


And thereafter, I can assure you that you will never ever send a text to tell someone you love them again. Oh you won’t, because once you’ll have let THAT THING out, once you’ll have shared it your own little creepy way, you’ll feel so good and you’ll feel heard.

For good. And for real.

Words of text messages are not really given much importance by people, but when it comes to words of your heart, words you write your own beautiful way, then everything takes a completely different dimension.

Your words matter.

I truly think writing your feelings through poetry, whether verses or prose, is the most gorgeous way of making people feel what truly is in the deepest parts of your heart. By doing this, you are giving them a key to your most vital organ and… it’s dangerous. Of course it is, but oh, how beautiful too!

So… Don’t text. Whisper. Whisper to people’s ears the words and feelings your soul is dying to release. And you’ll see the message will more efficiently anchor in their heart and soul.

I promise.

Write your heart out, don’t text it.

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We all have our own story. All different but just the same too, they’ll eventually meet up somewhere… at least some of them will.

Most importantly… we are our stories, for we make them live… and some of us, writers, singers, actors, photographers, artists in short, even decide to make them public, to display their thoughts and feelings, their joys and fears, smiles and tears.

There’s a story behind everything and there’s a story in all of us. How that picture got on a wall. Why this particular song is being played now… There’s always a reason to why or how we’re doing and experiencing things the way we do.

For my part, I think the most beautiful stories are the most simple ones. They are the ones we only write in a secret diary. They’re the hard and the heartbreaking ones, the real and simple ones.

My story is told through my blog. My journey is narrated and captured with words and pictures. And my soul lies within your hands when you’re reading me. I know you’re all taking great care of it and I trust the world enough to let it read my mind and heart.

I made the decision to tell my story to the world because I think that freeing the so-long-imprisonned words is the best way to free myself and also other people who might be, live or feel the same.

So… not only do I tell my story on an exclusively personal purpose, I’m above everything else doing it for people who might still be afraid of showing up and telling their own story.

I want to give strength and courage to those people and I want them to have faith and big dreams, and the needed craziness to make their dreams & hopes come true.And so as to do that, I need you to help me spread the word about this story I’m telling, my story… which is also yours somehow.

Tell the world, my friends, and be brave! Face your fears and be extraordinary!

Love always,



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