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So today was the first day of the inter school challenge and of course, we were all here to support ESTRI! Before it began, our school made its own little trailer, having for main theme the American TV series. You’ll be able to watch the video by clicking the link below and then, you’ll tell me what you think about it, but personally, I love the Dr. House scene ^^! Anyway, yesterday, I wrote some words to show my support to everyone who organised this and, since I wanted to share them with you, here they are :) !


Some people say we are not 85 (or so) united people… but I definitely think we are!

We might not be best friends, but we DO know each other and we’re caring for one another. At least, that’s how I feel about the people at ESTRI, and I’m so glad to have them! They’re little sunshines in my everyday life.

They are the people I grow next to everyday. They are my big family. The ones I face the day and make it through all the rest with. The ones also, who finally understood. The ones who finally saw what it was like to be slightly different from those normative people. The ones, thanks to who I finally learnt to be who I am and to not be afraid of it.

We’re all special in our own way here. We’ve been the outcasts for a long time before but now that we’ve found each other, we’re stronger and more determined than ever. We’re in this life together, daily struggling with our weirdness and our multicultural hearts that are not very often respected!

But our strength will always lie in this very simple fact that we do value each other’s madness. And though we might be the ones who have the craziest dreams and hopes, it doesn’t matter because we do believe in them and we know they’ll come true… as mad as they may look, sound or be.

Those people I met at ESTRI are my friends, and tomorrow, some of them will represent us all at the so awaited inter school challenge, and when they do, they’ll embody the universality that characterises us so much. They’ll be the spokespersons of all of our souls. They’ll be the figures of the fire of our friendship.

Our difference is our strength. Let’s just keep on making it beautiful!



(I just love the Prince of Bel Air one :D and our vampires are worth those from Hollywood ^^ !!!)


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