Love is in the Air ♥

Today I’m Publishing my 5th post of this Valentine’s Week and for this occasion, I decided to share a lovely bunch of photos, found here and there on the Internet…

I entitled this post Love is in the Air because I very simply wanted to spread the beautiful message of LOVE.

If you look around you, you’ll most probably see people rushing and bumping into each other in the street because they’re not paying an ounce of attention, and also people miserably complaining about their beautiful life… and you know what? That irritates me a lot! We don’t take time to live anymore or actually… we don’t know how to live. Living fast is not the real problem though, because you can live fast and die young (^^) and you will have known how to live, how to enjoy every single moment of your everyday life. Today, the main problem lies in the fact that most people don’t know how to live, how to appreciate things and even maybe, they don’t know what is to appreciate.

I read a great article on Thought Catalog today… I like doing this when I’m having my lunch break because their posts always are so beautiful & life-and-heart-studying writings! Today’s words were written by Amanda Ponce de Leon and she talked about how people didn’t take time to read books or long essay-articles anymore. And just like her, I think that’s a shame because THIS is the kind of things human beings are supposed to appreciate; that’s what’s supposed to enlighten them and move their heart a little bit. But instead, most people content themselves with simple and short articles or stupid and common Facebook or Twitter status!

« Your life cannot change in ten easy steps. But a captivating essay on love, family, college, or even food would be exponentially more successful in changing my thought process, even if just for a minute. Submerse me in your world. Write with passion. Pour your heart out. Don’t tell people what to do. Tell people how you feel. Chances are someone will appreciate what you have to say. » – Amanda Ponce de Leon

Live your life a hundred percent. Laugh. Read. Love. Cry. Read again. Learn to know what’s really worth giving time to. Stop focusing on your own little self. Start looking around you. Care about others. Learn. Live. Love. Write maybe. And read always.

♥ ♥ ♥



2 Commentaires

  1. Stuart
    20th février 2014 / 7:29

    Such a sweet post. You are priceless Marie. Stay awesome my friend.

    • Marie
      20th février 2014 / 7:31

      :) <3

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