Don’t give up. Don’t let go. Give it time.

I found this beautiful photo on the Internet a while ago but I can't remember the author :/ So if he or she recognise their work, please let me know so that I can add a copyright & a link to your online portfolio :)

I found this beautiful photo on the Internet a while ago but I can’t remember the author :/ So if you recognise your work, please let me know so that I can add a copyright & a link to your online portfolio :)

Letting go. Giving up. This is NOT for you. Just get up and fight. But most of all, give it time. Take it slow. Because all the greatest things of this life take some time to grow. That’s what makes them great, unique and irreplaceable.

I truly think (and it might very likely be related to my past) that the most tragic things in our lives always precede the most incredible. You’re a ghost, a wandering soul and suddenly… it’s over. You won’t believe it first, but I promise you it’s over. I know you can’t see it now but if you only tell yourself  to ‘Get out of here and go kick ass‘, I promise that you’ll be out in a minute. You’ll be ready to face the outside world again. You’ll get stronger and stronger though you’ll still have moments of weakness… but that’s ok. Life’s a bitch and what? It certainly won’t prevent you from being who you are and find where you belong.

I can tell you about all this… because I’ve found my place. I’ve found my home. My shelter. I was coming from so far, my soul was lost in the darkest obscurity, I was crying and I was bleeding, and I thought I’d never get back on top again. But I did. I did when I met them. I did when I finally met the people, who accepted me as I was, who cherished my heart and took care of my soul. I did when I met him. I did when I understood it was my duty, and only my duty, to take control of this life I was living. I did when I found what I was meant to do, who I was meant to be.

So don’t you worry, child! You’ll get over it! Whatever you might experience, it’ll get better… because it always does  for those who are warriors. And you, YOU are a warrior, child! You’re the strongest, smartest & prettiest warrior there’s ever been on Earth. Don’t give up. Don’t let go. Give it time. Don’t listen to others. They have no idea of who you are and they’ll probably never will. Live your life. Believe in your beliefs & dreams and make them come true. It will take some time… but don’t wait too long for things to happen. Get out and fight for what and who you believe in. I like to say that when someone loves you, you will know it. If someone cares about you, they will find a way to be with you. And this no matter how much time, how many hours, minutes and seconds it will take you. If you want it bad enough, you’ll achieve.

That’s EXACTLY what I intend to do.


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  1. Stuart
    1st février 2014 / 6:00

    I love the sentiment in this piece. Beautifully written and inspiring.

    • Marie
      1st février 2014 / 9:26

      thank you and it’s so rewarding to read your comment regarding how hard it’s been for me to write this one :) xx

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