Raspberry cupcake from ‘Little – Petits Gâteaux’


This blog is not a recipe but just an introduction to the best cupcake of Lyon! This raspberry wonder comes from a lovely tea shop, called LITTLE – Petits Gâteaux. For those of you who live in Lyon, you’re very likely to know this place and concerning the others… well, the only thing left to do is come over and step by this shop to taste their fantastic cupcakes, cheesecakes & Co.

I first discovered LITTLE – Petits Gâteaux thanks to my former boarding school roommate, who I had lunch with about two months ago. She knew how much I missed England and everything British so she thought this place was obvious for our lunch :) Cake pops, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, whoopies, diverse & various cheesecakes, etc… everything was reunited in this very sweet tea house.

It is a very lovely and original tea shop, which is dedicated to cupcake selling (and I can promise you  that their cupcakes are the best you’ll find in Lyon!). Though these little delights are a bit more British & American than French, LITTLE knows how to bring the famous French touch by baking very light and almost sugar-free cupcakes.


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4 Commentaires

  1. yosh
    26th janvier 2014 / 12:33

    oh….. looks tasty
    I like cheesecake and chocolate gateau
    :) ♬

    • Marie
      26th janvier 2014 / 12:35

      haha and this one’s very very yummy :D xx

  2. Coline
    1st février 2014 / 12:32

    OMG I LOOOOOOOVE this place ! I actually had the Nutella one two days ago ! It’s kind of my 2nd home !! :D

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