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© Photo by Lu Roberts. This article is a review of a very talented Australian author’s poetry… I must say I’m extremely honoured to have been asked to write a review of his writing and I thank him a lot for choosing me to do so :) But enough about me, let’s dive into Jeremy’s universe for a while now… (under the beautiful sun of Australia ❤)


Jeremy’s website – Poetry Place

HE lives inside his poems; HE lives in his secret garden HE usually calls his ‘place of poetry’. HE is a pure reflection of the Australian sweetness and friendliness. HE is the person HE describes in his poem, Enchanted Woods, HE’s the one who “picks up the wolf, gives him an embrace, and says you are welcome anytime in this place”. Then HE’s the one who’ll tell you “From this moment on, you can call me mate”.

I don’t think my path crossed Jeremy’s randomly; he’s a free spirit too. He writes with his heart. He is wise, genuine, sensitive, always honouring the ones he loves and I think that’s how you recognise ‘a good person’, right? I truly believe he’s that kind of big-hearted guy, who’s here for others, kind, patient, and simply here, present even silently… You’ll feel this in his poems as well; you’ll feel like you’ve just found a big brother, someone who is able to find the right words, who is giving you your confidence back, someone who, through his writing, will always be there for you…

Jeremy is an exceptional talent, he’s got an amazing gift, and his words will bring tears to your eyes and make you feel all the things you’re supposed to feel when you’re alive! He’ll take you back to the essential again; he’ll take you back to nature! He’s in line with Walt Whitman; his poetry is about enjoying life, “enjoying the real things” as he wrote, it’s about loving your friends, family & lover, it’s about living with all the beautiful people of this planet, it’s about embracing life as it deserves to be embraced, it’s also about challenging yourself, meeting new people, discovering the Unknown… I think you’ll get to do all those things by reading Jeremy’s poetry. You’ll escape to another world, you’ll just go some place else where nothing’s really robotised, where you’ll find yourself facing your own self, your own reality and where you’ll think, you’ll think a lot and eventually you’ll get your wings back, your purified white wings, which will be ready to spread again! Jeremy’s poetry is a daydreaming escape, a journey that only has for destination the encounter with the human that’s still living inside of you.

My favourite part of Jeremy’s poetry remains his section about love, for Jeremy does not describe love but actually writes it. In some of his poems he mentions soul mates, something I truly, sincerely and deeply believe in… When you’re reading Jeremy’s poetry, you kind of get lost with him, you can identify yourself in his poems and find yourself in between two verses… I personally found myself in some of his poems and especially in this one below entitled Lost in a place called love, which tells the story of two separated-by-distance soul mates, who are loving each other a bit more each day until they can finally be reunited, love each other as lovers do and be the purification of each other’s mind…

Just like Jeremy’s poetry can be your purification… Don’t be scared, just get lost in his words!

Lost in a place called love

Although the clock may say
Our times are not aligned
We are lost in a place called love
Where time has no meaning
The only timing that matters
Is that of our hearts
Beating in harmony

Although we are divided
By oceans deep and vast
The bond of love we share
Is preserved so it will last

At times my limbs ache
Longing to hold you,
Entwined through the night
But my heart is soothed
By yours reserved for me

The voyage to unite us
Is treacherous at times
but, as obstacles are surmounted
The treasure becomes more precious



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