My homemade Løv Organic ice tea


Løv Organic… this is a brand I discovered thanks to Céline from Les demoiselles and I must admit I honestly can’t do without it anymore now! I’m seriously (and maybe dangerously?!) addicted to my new pink ice tea jug and my new teas (Løv is beautiful (in the pinky box) & Løv is pure (in the blue box)) :D!


Organic wellness blend

Løv is Beautiful is a mellow, organic blend that’s a cup of sunshine to make the face of any lover of the finer things in life light up. This enticing blend is made from white tea, green tea and green rooibos. These ingredients contain two crucial allies in the fight to preserve your skin’s looks: antioxidants and zinc. To make this simply delectable blend even better, natural peach and apricot flavours have been added for a fruity taste with just a touch of sweetness. Little pieces of mango and pineapple add an exotic touch. Løv is Beautiful is your number one partner if you want to look beautiful – the natural way.

Ingredients : White tea*, green tea*, green rooibos*, pieces of mango*, pineapple* and apricot*, natural peach flavour, natural flavours. * Organically grown ingredients.


Organic herbal tea

Combining green tea and mate, Løv is Pure has a fresh flavour with apple and citrus fruits. This blend’s ingredients are not only delectable; they are also packed with health benefits making Løv is Pure the perfect drink for a detox:- Green tea is rich in antioxidants known for their purifying properties.- Mate, which comes from South America, is renowned for its stimulating and appetite suppressant qualities.- Apples and citrus fruits give a refreshing note to the blend.Løv is Pure makes for the perfect herbal tea to reinvigorate the body.This summer, served iced, Løv is pure can help you cool down in a heat wave whilst also helping to maintain a healthy body.

Ingredients : Green tea*, apple pieces*, green mate*, natural citrus fruits flavours. * Organically grown ingredients

The other day I made some ice tea with the LØV IS BEAUTIFUL tea and it was a pure wonder for my tasting buds! I loved it! It was fresh, fruity, healthy and perfect for this Indian summer we’ve had in October!

Making a LØV Organic ice tea won’t take you more than 5 minutes! All you need to do is pour some hot water in your jug, add 5 or 6 tea spoons of the blend of your choice & 2 tea spoons of caster sugar (but you can also skip this very sugary step if you’re on a diet or wanna keep on your healthy way of life ^^ this last point barely sounds tragic, doesn’t it?) Put the ice in the jug and here you go! You’re done! :)

LØV ORGANIC also provides lots of different types of blends, which are specifically made for you to prepare your ice teas! Red fruits, ginger & lemon, exotic fruits, apple & cinnamon, orange & cinnamon,… it is simply up to you to pick your favourites! Plus, you can also replace your morning fruit juice by your delicious homemade ice tea if you want to! It is absolutely delicious and I’m completely nuts about it!!! 

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