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Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well today! As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been doing pretty good since Tuesday evening! And this is very likely to be due to the fact that I’ve heard from someone I’m sincerely and very attached to (someone from England :) as you may guess … and for those of you who have an Instagram account, you might have noticed it through my last pictures ;) !!!).

Moreover, I got my first mark in English yesterday and it was a really good one I’m especially very proud to tell you a bit more about! Our test consisted in writing a letter in English, where we had to introduce ourselves and where we had to share one very special moment of our six-month experience in an English-speaking country (that is to say England, as far as I’m concerned)… and I bet you can guess which one I chose to develop (well at least, for those of you who have been reading my blog for quite a few months already ;)!!!). I of course decided to write about THE event that particularly marked my time in England, and that is my meeting & interview with my adorable Jamie! That was just obvious to me to write about it and I must say that it apparently bore fruit as I got a 16/20 !!!! Hiiii I’m so so so happy and this for a very particular and special reason you now surely better understand ;)!

But let’s focus on the actual object of this post that is the creation of a brand new social media account, my Tumblr account! On this blog account that is entitled Thoughts of a Nighthawk, you’ll find all kinds of photos I had a crush on and which somehow tell something about me, or rather about my feelings… The direct link to the Tumblr blog will appear over here as soon as I have contacted my astounding webmaster, but until then here’s the link in case you fancy having a quick look at it ;)



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