* My Little Parisian Box *

« Les Parisiennes sont inexplicables. » – Honoré de Balzac


Hey guys! I know it’s Monday and that we all have to go back to school, uni or work and that it kinda sucks regarding all the things we have to do, but that’s also part of what I like :)! I can’t stand the fact of having absolutely nothing to do, I need to be kept busy (even though it’s pretty tiring to always be working on, it’s always worth it in the end ^^).

And so as to make this monday seem a bit brighter to everyone, I decided to share the content of the last Little Box I actually received last week but I was too busy to take the photos and write a post before!

This September’s box was, as you can see it, the Little Parisian Box »! I was very curious to find out what this box contained and i must say that’s the best one I’ve had so far! All the goodies completely satisfied me! So… let’s not waste one more second and look at the lovely things My Little Box packed for us!


Adorable & so typical Parisian stickers…DSC_0874

A gorgeous snood I’ve already fallen in love with… 


The unmissable quote…DSC_0876

Three great beauty products I’m a huge fan of… The nail polish (by The Brunette) I was about to buy, which has the perfect and even ideal colour for brunettes like me! ^^ A very glamorous piping red lipstick and a sample of the divine new perfume of ® Repetto 

DSC_0881 DSC_0882 DSC_0883 DSC_0886 DSC_0889

And of course, my newly fetish magazine that is My Little World 

DSC_0877DSC_0887With this my lovelies, I wish you a fantastic week and try to write as soon as I can ;)

Much love  



8 Commentaires

  1. Nishtha
    30th novembre 2013 / 2:42


    lovely blog!
    where can i buy the box ?? i live in london!

    thanks :)

    • Marie
      30th novembre 2013 / 7:49

      Hey thanks ;)
      My Little Box is a French concept so I don’t know if they deliver overseas :/
      I’m sending you the link to their official website (http://www.mylittle.fr/mylittleparis/en/) so that you can see if they can send it to London!
      Let me know if they do :)

  2. Miko
    20th septembre 2015 / 10:23

    Could you send my little box to Michigan,USA?

    • Marie
      21st septembre 2015 / 8:20

      Hi Miko :)
      Unfortunately, My Little Box is only available in France and in Japan, and only recently in the UK :/

    12th juin 2017 / 8:59

    Hi guys ^^
    Their delivery in USA ?

    • Marie
      12th juin 2017 / 9:26

      hi there! unfortunately not – only France and the UK at the moment

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