Thank YOU Agnès!!!

Today’s post is dedicated to the amazing designer that is Agnès Faravel, who completely transformed my blog! So I simply want to say a big fat THANK YOU to Agnès who did an amazing job! She’s a very serious and conscientious person I’m very happy to have worked with! She can listen, which means she is then able to perceive the personality of anyone who’s working with her; and that’s a brilliant thing when you work on the design of your blog as it must BE you! So Agnès… hats off!

Let me introduce you to her fantastic work then…

This new design is first marked by the beautiful new header, drawn by Chloé Fenez. Then you can see you’ve got all the social media button on the left side of the blog that will follow you along all the articles you’ll look through! Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 08.45.52



Secondly you’ll find a brand new ‘menu bar’ that is quite intuitive and that will help you navigate through the diverse categories of the blog a bit more easily :)! On the right banner, you’ll always have the 5 last posts with their set featured image (which is, in my opinion, pretty cool :p)!

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 08.49.11


Now here are 4 elements I’d like to focus a bit more on…First, you have this new intuitive menu bar again.

Then you’ll be able to share my articles on the diverse social networks, thanks to the personalised share buttons, and last but not least on this second capture, I asked Agnès to add a little ‘heart‘ so that wherever you might come and whether you have a blog or not, you can still click on it if you wanna like my article :) At the end of each post, you’ll also find the other articles of the same category or simply article you may like as well!

On the third screenshot that actually shows the footer, you can see you’ll find the categories, the follow buttons, my email address and the copyrights. 

The 4th and 5th screenshots present the detail of the right banner. At the very top of it, you’ll find my blogger portrait by Flavie Peticoeur, which will display (if you pass your cursor on it) my little presentation :)! Moreover, you can see there’s a direct link to my ABOUT page right above the illustration! Below you’ll have my 4 last posted Instagram photos (with a direct link to my Instagram profile), the different tags or, in other words, the most frequent topics of the blog, and finally a link to like my Facebook page :)!!! 

Thank YOU Agnès!!!



At last, you will now have the PIN IT function on every photo of the blog, so if you’re a Pinterest addict, I’ve only got one thing to say… READY, STEADY, PIN!!!!! ;) 

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 08.50.22

And here we are, I hope this post will have been useful to you and will have helped you know the new functionalities of my blog! Hoping you’ll like everything, I wish you a beautiful day… and once again…




Agnès Faravel  


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    • Marie
      7th septembre 2013 / 9:04

      Thank youuu :) X

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