English food is not such a « taboo »!

© Adelina Comas-Herrera and A Canterbury Food Love Story, 2013

Let’s talk a little bit about the English food!!! I think it’s quite appropriate, right?

Oh come on, I already read on your lips « this is not something we’re supposed to talk about ». Actually, THIS shouldn’t be such a taboo! Believe it or not, but there are really good things to eat over here. Ok, I admit that some of their cooked meats as well as their jelly or whatever may be pretty distasteful. BUT hopefully, the English cuisine has its own good sides!

No one can deny that the tea time is the best moment of the day! With its English tea and biscuits, you’re sure to spend a DELICIOUS time!

Moreover, their legendary « fish & chips » is actually really good. I won’t eat that everyday but it’s fine, you know, not so horrible!!!

I could add so many other dishes, but I won’t, it would be too long. The only thing I’m going to add concerns their cookbooks… because YES, Ladies and Gentlemen, « these things » can absolutely be bought in England. Besides I bought some of them a few days ago, and after having tried a few recipes, I have to say that their cuisine is not bad, not bad at all!!!!

With this, I hope you change your mind about the English food ;)

And don’t forget, keep holding on to what you love & enjoy the ride of life ;)



4 Commentaires

  1. 19th janvier 2013 / 9:27

    Hello Marie, thanks for following and welcome to England! I am very flattered you have used my picture in your blog, I would reallly appreciated if you would add an acknowledgement though! Enjoy English food!

    • 20th janvier 2013 / 2:29

      I’ve just added an acknowledgement in the title of the picture, so when the cursor is on it, you’ll see it! I had also put the link of your blog because I didn’t know where to indicate the source of the picture :s I’m really sorry about that & I thank you for allowing me to use your photo.

      • 20th janvier 2013 / 3:17

        No problem at all, as I said, I am flattered you wanted to use it :-)

  2. 20th février 2013 / 4:27

    English food is amazing! Hopefully i walked a lot when i stay in London… otherwise i may have been so fat! Nice to see you enjoy it!

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