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“Born and raised in Nepal, Veemsen Lama is no ordinary umpteenth London-based filmmaker. From a very young age, Veemsen developed a passion for storytelling, and so at the dawn of his adult life, he promised himself to do all it would take to make his dreams come true. That notably meant enrolling in the British Armed Forces, which he served for several years. Once he had taken and passed all of the rough tests to become a Gurkha, Veemsen finally set foot in England.

Determined to tell the world the stories he had and would stumble upon, he first started learning about filmmaking through books and YouTube tutorials while still in the army. Sometime around 2012, there was a redundancy process and Veemsen’s name was on the list. ‘What next?’ probably was the question that popped in at that time, and applying for university seemed to be the obvious answer… (…)”


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