The God’s Own Junkyard Christmas Fayre

“Meanwhile at Bracey Headquaters in Walthamstow, God’s Own Junkyard will be laying on the Christmas cheer with their annual Christmas Fayre. The London wonderland showcases neon lights dating as far back as the 1920s and 1930s, as well as the late Chris Bracey’s signs for Hollywood films, included pieces made for Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, including Sonata Jazz & Rainbow Fancy Dress, as well as Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies and many movie classics. The industrial unit houses signs from Interview with a Vampire, Casino Royal, Beetlejuice, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, among many others.

The Gods Own Junkyard Christmas Fayre will take place on 3rd and 4th December. They will stage sessions by Local Natural Voices Choir, who will perform at intervals, while a DJ playing Christmas and party music will provide the additional musical cheer. The Rolling Scones Café will boast an outdoor station at the front of Gods Own Junkyard, serving a crackling hog roast from Shaw’s Fine Meats on the Saturday, while an outdoor barbecue will serve up sausages, beef burgers and grilled classics on the Sunday. Meanwhile, the café will create pastries and confectionary inspired by German fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, including gingerbread cakes and biscuits, while the bar will serve mulled wine and Gingerbread Martinis.

Billed recently by CNN as one of the capital’s best escapes from central London, Gods Own Junkyard will create a colourful Christmas scene by welcoming many stalls selling different crafts and items by local vendors, such as Christmas trees, handmade clothes for children, vintage clothes, craft ales, cheeses and preserves and festive stalls proffering unusual Christmas gifts. Meanwhile, The ‘Blitz Factory’, the secondary event space of God’s Own Junkyard will also be hosting a winter wonderland and soft play for smaller children, courtesy of the Walthamstow Toy Library, plus a Santa’s Grotto. What more colourful a place could there possibly be to feel the Christmas bonhomie than London, when Gods Own Junkyard pave the streets with lights?”



Press Release (writing of the second part, entitled 'The Gods Own Junkyard Christmas Fayre')

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