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“Photoshoot Locations was born out of a passion for film and a strong desire to create the best platform for finding and hosting the best and most sought-after locations London has to offer.

Coming to life early in 2018, Photoshoot Locations is already attracting new hosts and clients every day. Whether you’re a producer, photographer or even a fashion blogger, we have something for you. Perhaps you’re planning a wedding and searching for that dream venue, or simply an entrepreneur searching for a venue for your next big event, you are bound to find exactly what you need right here. (…)

As someone searching for a location, your ideal ‘somewhere’ for your project is just a few clicks away. There are hundreds of venues to choose from.

So, whether you’re interested in having your home or business featured in the latest editorial of a world-renowned fashion magazine, TV advert, or Hollywood movie – who knows? – or you’re a filmmaker or photographer a little lost at sea with where to shoot, there’s something in it for you at! (…)” 

“The return of warmer weather has us dreaming about sprawling green spaces, floral walls, and blooming landscapes, but we can’t forget cute cafés on London street corners, so we’ve potted up some some perfect locations to welcome Spring along such as the  Devon countryside manor and the Café in Clapham. (…)”

“Summer vibes are here and we feel like traveling around the world – no camping – just glamour. We do not consider holidays that do not have us indulge in lots of pampering, fine dining, and hours spent pool-side, so it is the same for our locations… The luxury Avro business jet, the Ascot manor, or the ultrachic hotel in Southwark are totally in line with our mood this season. (…)”


Writing of the company's blogs: 

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