Coco Martin’s Opus Incarnate Series Redefines The Meaning Of Photography

““Reality is not real, perception in the new real. After all, photography is a beautiful [odd] lie”, Coco Martin states at the end of his artist’s statement. Self-taught photographer, architect, and educator, Coco was born and raised in Peru and now lives his life between New York and Lima.

Exhibiting since 1991, the photographer wished to create a more experimental body of work, questioning the very definition of photography. In his latest series, Opus Incarnate, Coco presents a range of scannographies, revealing the magic of a candle light and the soul of his subjects from their very skin.

“Within the current context of massive production of images due to the arrival of the digital era and despite the fact that each piece might take days to be composed and completed, the process took me back to rediscover the meaning of patience, exactly what some time ago used to be a synonym of photography, instead of the present immediacy”, the photographer writes about his latest work. (…)”


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