Inspiration Lies In The Everyday

Each and every day spent on Earth
is a new possibility to breathe, to create, to love, to live…

My First Book Is To Support Cancer Research UK!

Growing up, my dad was always here to support my dreams and encourage me to pursue them – until he wasn’t anymore. On 7 October 2015, after fighting for nearly six years, he lost his last battle against cancer. At…

It’s Right In Front Of You

You look for stories everywhere…

but sometimes,
there’s a great one
right in front of you.

Magic Moments #30 – Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017!

Like every 31 December, it’s time to press pause for a little while and look at the last four seasons of 2016, the last 365 days and their ups and downs, their smiles and tears, breakthroughs and failures, joys and…

Coco Martin’s ‘Opus Incarnate’ Series Redefines The Meaning Of Photography

“Reality is not real, perception in the new real. After all, photography is a beautiful [odd] lie”, Coco Martin states at the end of his artist’s statement. Self-taught photographer, architect, and educator, Coco was born and raised in Peru and…

Little Moments Of The Christmas Holidays 2016 – From London & Back To France

I used to love Christmas. And I suppose I still do. But ever since I lost my dad last year, all I’m coming back to every December is an uncheerful, sad, and empty town, where my grandparents still live, where…

I’m Still Wearing This Smile

I’m still wearing the smile you gave me yesterday.

TEN, The First Monograph Of Work By Artist Andrew Salgado

Currently hosting Canadian artist Andrew Salgado’s latest solo show, The Snake, Beers London, which turned into some sort of Garden to welcome the colourful yet somehow dark and bruised paintings of the painter, is releasing TEN this December, the first monograph of work by the artist.