LOVEStories – Chapter One, Bo

Featuring the beautiful Bo Maerten in the role of the very Parisian girlfriend, Caroline Koning and Iman Whitfield’s short film, LOVEStories – Chapter One, Bo is a little piece of golden sweetness, highlighted by the delicate cinematography of Kevin Boitelle. For…

Early Morning

It’s an early morning
And I think I might just like you a bit too much…

One song #7 – Love Gun by Tess

A burning flame. This would be what best characterizes Reunion Island singer Tess’ latest track, ‘Love Gun’. Trying to stay away from a passion that consumes her and fighting an untameable fire that burns her heart, the 22-year-old francophone artist…

On My Way To The Moon

I am taken to a sheltering and comforting world
I like to visit to escape reality.
I’m on my way to the moon
and eventually find myself in the sweetest company.

One song #6 – Cupid by Brooklyn

With Valentine’s Day coming up, no one really wants to listen to songs for broken hearts. Yet, Essex artist Brooklyn‘s latest track may just be about to change your mind. After wowing the The Voice UK team, the young woman…

Singer’s Breakdown Gives Birth To A Series Of Somewhat Cleansing Audible Photographs

CK Goldiing, a photographer from Sheffield in the UK, and Ivohé, a London-based singer-songwriter – ‘two friends hanging out… ready to shoot later that day’. This is how the story of Vitae started. ‘As we finished our coffees, she went…

The Place Where We Met

Somewhere I can see you
Feel you

NYE. An Infinity Of Beginnings.

© Music – ‘Chairs’ by Snow Mantled Love