Saturday Brunch, Bloggers’ Market & London Stroll

London doesn’t often grant us with sunny and warm days, but I suppose this weekend was an exception. The sun was shining and the clouds flew away to leave the weekend free of any worry. Hakuna Matata in short. It…


Affection is a shy flower
that takes time to blossom.

Here’s What I’d Like To Tell My Dad On What Would Have Been His 56th Birthday

My beautiful dad would have turned 56 on 24 March of this year. And as a present for him today, I would like to give a few thanks away. Thanks for raising me well. Thanks for pushing me to always…

10,080 minutes of sweet moments #1

A Mini Rover ride around Windsor with my best friend, Vianney’s gig at the Hippodrome Casino in London, my second but not the least magical time at the Harry Potter studios, my mum in town… these were all sweet moments that made my 10,080 minutes from 11 to 17 March 2017 all the more beautiful and worth living.

Four Chocolaty Steps To A Magical Easter

In about three weeks, it will be time again for Easter bunnies and eggs hiding in the grass, behind the colourful spring flowers. I remember going for a chocolate hunt in my garden and my grandparent’s every April, wearing a…

A Heart’s Journey To The One It’s Beating For

My heart is beating so fast,
It feels like it’s gonna break down my ribcage,
Pierce my skin,
And go find peace to the place it’s beating for.

a day in Windsor ♡ cutest place. cutest car. cutest bestie.

Last weekend, I was in Windsor (westwards right outside London) and absolutely fell in love with this place. It is the cutest little town I’ve been to so far, somewhere that gave me the impression to walk past hundreds of life-size dollhouses, giving this crown jewel a magical feel.

The Iris by Rebecca Louise Law

The Iris is the latest artwork by Rebecca Louise Law, known for using flora as sculptural material that preserves over time. It is 10,000 fresh springtime flowers entwined with copper wire hanging and floating inside NOW Gallery, and turning it…