2 words : so excited !!!!

Ah!!!!! I can’t wait. In exactly 3 days, I’m going to London to see my dad and my little bro! It’s already been two months since I last saw them and I…

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To my Best Friend…

I don’t know how you’re supposed to live knowing that this unique person who is your best friend simply let you down after years and years of friendship. I really…

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A charity shop or should I say a real goldmine?!

Or even Ali Baba’s cave… Yes, that’s what working in a charity shop looks like! You can find everything you want, good or bad, but there’s everything : Clothes, Shoes,…

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I need a Ritter Sport !

Germany’s here guys! I can’t believe I had some Ritter Sport chocolate in England! It is exciting, isn’t it? Oh my god, and how beautiful is that when the thing…

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A Scandal?! No, it’s worse!!!!

Today’s topic is more newsworthy than ever! You’ve probably heard talk of the horse meat scandal and the whole polemic around it. Well to the horse lover and horse owner…

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