‘Stay then…’

That’s what Jamie told me the other day when I said to him I really didn’t want to go back to France. « Stay then… » The answer seems so obvious! But…

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Discover ‘Cold spring’ by Eleonore Bridge

Cold spring | Eleonore Bridge, blog mode, site féminin, Paris. Hi everyone! As you can see it, I decided to share my ‘crush’ of the day, which is nothing but…

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When you know you’ve just found a friend…

♪ The day we met, Frozen I held my breath Right from the start I knew that I’d found a home for my heart… ♪ « When you meet someone for the first…

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Pinthebest #2

A brand new « Pinthebest » just for you my darlings (because you apparently liked the first one ;) )!!! Today’s theme quite revolves around chocolate and Easter (I’m already a bit…

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London, London ❤

Back from London once again… and once more I LOVED IT! Nevertheless, I still have (and I always do when I live this wonderful place) this little pain inside of…

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