Believe it! It’s true! Do you know Validation? Well, now you do! ;) I wanted to share this video with you today, simply because it will show you the way…

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Pinthebest #3

Photos from YouMAKEfashion and Hello it’s Valentine Just because I miss London & its little sweet things so much and also because I’ll be back there very VERY soon (Ahhh! I’m…

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Another Liebster Blog Award: What an honour!

Wow!!!!!!! I’ve been nominated a second time for the Liebster Blog Award… by My Little Fashion Week this time (who has a very LOVELY Fashion blog!)! I would just like to…

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My Little Box or my guilty pleasure of the day ;p

A few Little Boxes… My Little Box – Official Website  I did it! I’ve just subscribed to My Little Box !!! I really couldn’t resist its fantastic design and concept…

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★ 1 Wand & 3 Wishes ★ #1 : Spring’s (apparently) here!!! :D

New category today! ‘1 Wand & 3 Wishes’ is going to provide kind of a wish list every time it is published. Today’s wish list revolves around spring, which has…

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