I’ve found a second family… <3

Hi there, I hope you didn’t miss me too much (no, I don’t think so… I didn’t miss me anyway!) I haven’t written for quite a long time now, but…

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So « Stylishly » British!!!!

One says there’s a time for everything but now …it’s time to speak about fashion, guys !!!! THE British style is, in my opinion, one « must talk » topic!!! After all,…

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« Forever »… That’s what you’d said.

I think I got my answer… « FOREVER » doesn’t mean anything anymore! I’ve never thought that my best friend (I don’t even know if I still have the right to call…

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Am I doomed to always leave?

Jonathan Safran Foer once wrote “I hate myself for going, why can’t I be the kind of person who stays?” This is the perpetual question I have in mind. What…

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English food is not such a « taboo »!

Let’s talk a little bit about the English food!!! I think it’s quite appropriate, right? Oh come on, I already read on your lips « this is not something we’re supposed…

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