Pinthebest #2

A brand new « Pinthebest » just for you my darlings (because you apparently liked the first one ;) )!!! Today’s theme quite revolves around chocolate and Easter (I’m already a bit…

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London, London ❤

Back from London once again… and once more I LOVED IT! Nevertheless, I still have (and I always do when I live this wonderful place) this little pain inside of…

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An interview with Jamie Ward (the amazing current ‘Marius’ of the West End – London)

Here it is, guys! The FAMOUS post I talked about in an older article (A beautiful mess of feelings…) is finally released! As you can read it, my idea was…

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Pinthebest #1

Good evening everyone! I’m posting a brand new type of article directly inspired from those of #BonsBaisersDailleurs. In those posts, I’ll share all my Pinterest crush with you! I hope…

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Easter’s coming soon! Excited?

Oh yes I am, I really love this time of the year! I know Easter is, above all, a christian feast, but it is also a really good time to…

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