‘Satisfied’ by Balcony: Music Video Released

After the release of their track, Satisfied, London-based band Balcony have recently shared their associated music video, a beautiful and elegant blend of real and surreal, produced by Wood Cut Films.

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Andrew Buckner & The Struggle Of Being A Writer [Writing Review]

Film enthusiast and writer Andrew Buckner has been writing film and book reviews for about twenty years, which he publishes on his blog A Word of Dreams. Besides opinion articles, Andrew also does some creative writing, being the author of…


Q&A With Charlotte Colbert On Her Artistic Journey

Now a renowned name in the world of photography, French filmmaker and artist Charlotte Colbert, unveiled her latest series of photographs – Ordinary Madness – at Gazelli Art House in London last Thursday. Following the narratives of classic stories, each of her photography project…

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16 Times ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ Told You Everything You Needed To Say or Hear

4. When it told you to never give up on that one person.


#VikingArtyParty at Lumière London: The Art of Practicing Mindfulness through Crafts

As someone dealing with anxiety, I can’t recall how many times I’ve been told I should do yoga or any one of these peaceful sports. Put aside horse riding, sports classes have always been my obsessive fear, making me feel…

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Rock’n’Roll in Wonderland at God’s Own Junkyard

Who could possibly think that a few blocks down a dead end road in Walthamstow, after walking by a couple of industrial units, a completely unusual, surreal and somewhat hallucinogenic world would hide? Probably very few people could. And yet,…

Words Of My Heart

Because we are friends, and friends stick together to the end.

I have seen families tearing themselves apart, couples breaking up, and friendships gone to waste. And why? Because there is this ever-growing tendency for people to stop fighting for what they once believed in when things get hard. Of course, the EU isn’t perfect. But how can it get any better if its members decide to leave? Any good and worthwhile human relationship thrives to constantly improve. Being an EU member is like one of these human unions; it is and should be about improvement, it is and should be about sticking together and thriving to become better together.

Words Of My Heart

Let’s be envoys of love

Let’s be peacemakers – not war declarers, let’s be lovers – not haters, and let’s be hopeful, for the world is such a wonder that was left to us to be taken care of.
Let’s be envoys of love instead of hate, of hope instead of despair, of peace instead of war.


Q&A With Charlotte Eriksson On Life On The Road & The Journey To Finding A Place To Call Home

At only 18, Charlotte Eriksson – also known as The Glass Child – left her home in Sweden and flew to London to live a life based on her own terms, waking up every morning happy to be breathing and excited to…