Words Of My Heart

There’s Something About You

There’s something in the way you look at me – shyly, playfully, knowingly. There’s something in the way we get close, in the way your tight embrace can heal the most broken parts of me and put them all back into place. There’s something in the way your chest comes against mine and your hands run over my back and squeeze every last space and breath of air separating our two bodies.

Musicals & theatre

Funny Girl [Musical Review]

The lamps of the theatre slowly go off to give way to a wonderful ball of lights, dancing to the jazzy overture of Funny Girl, which has soon invaded the stalls, and the dress and grand circles. The curtain rises and…

Words Of My Heart

Like One Of Your Favourite Stories

Surround yourself with people, who make you read your life like you read your favourite book.
Surround yourself with people, who make you watch your life you watch your favourite film.
Keep these people, who make you live your life like it’s one of your favourite stories.

Words Of My Heart

It Was All About You

One day, I’m going to let you read the words you’ve probably not read yet and your heart will break.
Because then, you will realise it was all about you.

Words Of My Heart

You Are Worth An Infinity Of Stars

How I wish for you not only to see yourself through my eyes, but through my mind, my heart and my whole body too. And then maybe you’ll see what I see, you’ll feel what I feel; and then maybe, you’ll realise how wonderful you are. How precious you are. How lovable and special you are. So I am not sorry for this being what it is, whatever it is. And I won’t be sorry for never giving up, for being stubborn, and for carrying on saying that you are worth an infinity of stars. Because you are.

Films & Series


Destino, the old collaboration directed by Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney, brought to life 58 years after it was started, tells the story of Chronos, the personification of Time, and the inability to realise his desire to love a mortal.…

Films & Series

Q&A with Chris Esper On The Pre-production Phase Of Filmmaking

Chris Esper is an American filmmaker who’s been making films since 2010, starting in college as a student filmmaker to eventually making films professionally since 2012 after graduating. In high school, he tried different things and experimented with the camera,…

Sweet Treats

Chocolate & Lemon Curd Tart

With my birthday coming up in less than two weeks, I couldn’t prevent myself from going back in time and to a place of the past lately. It felt a bit like one of these flashbacks you only see in…

London ♥

Bastille celebrations at Borough Market

Red and white wine as well as Rosé, Prosecco champaigne, croissants, pains au chocolat, pains aux raisins, lemon tarts, canelés de Bordeaux and other typically French products were parading before the greedy eyes of Borough Market’s visitors last Sunday. There,…