#LoveStartsWithMum – MOONPIG’s Mother’s Day Event

At the beginning of March, on the occasion of the upcoming 2019 Mother’s Day on 31st March, Moonpig celebrated this love we receive from our mothers during an event at their headquarters in London, #LoveStartsWithMum. Big colourful offices, which were exuding life, welcomed 30 or so bloggers and their mums or mother figures, and had them reunite over three stations…

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A & I

A year ago this Thursday I was leaving hospital after 6 months as an in-patient. I hadn’t realised until I was notified by this Instagram ‘on that day’ post reminder.

So much and yet so little – to my taste at least – happened this past year, but I keep fighting…

That sign behind me reads ‘look both ways’, and in my case, it won’t be ‘look right and look left’ but rather ‘look back and look ahead’.

I come from a place…

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Breakfast Cookies

Sometimes I tell myself that if I close my eyes the very best I can, someday I’ll wake up from this nightmare. As if none of this had ever existed. Someday I’ll wake up and it won’t be here anymore. This voice that forbids me to treat myself to something sweet or that makes me live in hell for hours if I ignore it and have a treat anyway.

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Vegan Carrot & Celeriac Cumin Quiche

Every Wednesday evening, I am under the impression to have burnt all of my energy; so in order to regain some strength and warm my heart, I make myself one of my little vegan cumin carrot & celeriac quiches.

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Dream your life in colours feat. MADE IN BIO

‘Dream your life in colour, that’s the secret of happiness’, hummed a Peter Pan’s song. And I would add, ‘dream your life in sweet nothings too’. Daily life is cruel enough as it is, with all of its disappointments and false joys, its uncomfortable and nerve-wracking moments. It is important to treat oneself with kindness from time to time and find a balance again.

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