But I’m already in free fall. So the only question is
Are you coming with me
– down this hole?

It Was His Love That Saved Me

I want the rest of the film to be as delightfully foolish as we were that night on that midnight stroll – when we were talking about going to Paris at just anytime because money wouldn’t be a problem, when we were dreaming big and beautiful and crazy. I want the rest of the film to see us lie on the grass of a garden on a sunny day, watch the leaves flutter on the trees, look up and give silly names to the clouds, and I want it to see us stargaze and embrace the majestic silence of a summer night.

Here & Now

Many wonderful things can happen in a year time, in a day, even in just a few seconds. I might get an unforeseen opportunity, or a job that’s even better than the one I was thinking of in the first place, I might fall in love, meet extraordinary people or go someplace that’ll change the way I see the world…Some milliseconds can turn your head upside down and make you change your plans. So I don’t know where I’ll be, what I’ll be nor who I’ll be when I postgraduate. Right now, I’m here and I’m happy and that’s all that matters. Life’s never like we expected and that’s the beauty of it.


Break the walls! Break them down! Kiss that person you fancy, hold their hand. Who cares? Do what makes you feel good! Be superman, be a princess, be a clown, be a robot, be an alien, be a lion, be a bear. Be Santa Claus, be Peter Pan, be the fairies. Be green, be blue, be purple, be yellow, be red, be pink. But most importantly… Be you.


In exactly seven days, most people will celebrate their love and affection throughout the world. Cards, chocolates, flowers, diners for two and midnight strolls in some romantic locations will fill this day. But what about something more simple and more special, and free at the same time?

Revival [VIDEO]

It was exactly a week ago that I experienced that ‘click’ moment, which brought me back to life… It was a cold Saturday, full of enthusiasm and full bloom conversations, during which I felt like everything fell back into place, as if…

A New Year’s Eve tale

2015 has been quite a year. For her and for many people fighting their own battles, their own grief, their own inner demons. And 2015 has taught the girl a few things… She’ll never know anything about the plan because it’s way better – in many ways – to live in the unexpected beauty of the universe. She will go on – whether she wants it or not – because life does go on and it’s up to us to keep up with the pace of the train. And now, as she’s falling asleep and switching off the light, she’s lighting a sweet scented candle, remembering the one she used to spend all of her 31st-s with, and to all of those she loves, she wishes all the best for the upcoming year.

My father, my Hero

2 months ago, I was about to go to sleep and wake up the following morning for what was going to be the worst day of my life… A couple of weeks ago, I met Alex, who I interviewed and…