Keep Dreaming, Keep Moving, Keep Working

Jumping off a cliff. Telling someone you love them. Daring to get out of your comfort zone. Trying something new.
Taking that step. Taking that risk. What’s the worst that can happen?
You’ll make mistakes. You’ll fall and you’ll fail. But that’s ok.

There’s Something About You

There’s something in the way you look at me – shyly, playfully, knowingly. There’s something in the way we get close, in the way your tight embrace can heal the most broken parts of me and put them all back into place. There’s something in the way your chest comes against mine and your hands run over my back and squeeze every last space and breath of air separating our two bodies.

Like One Of Your Favourite Stories

Surround yourself with people, who make you read your life like you read your favourite book.
Surround yourself with people, who make you watch your life you watch your favourite film.
Keep these people, who make you live your life like it’s one of your favourite stories.

It Was All About You

One day, I’m going to let you read the words you’ve probably not read yet and your heart will break.
Because then, you will realise it was all about you.

You Are Worth An Infinity Of Stars

How I wish for you not only to see yourself through my eyes, but through my mind, my heart and my whole body too. And then maybe you’ll see what I see, you’ll feel what I feel; and then maybe, you’ll realise how wonderful you are. How precious you are. How lovable and special you are. So I am not sorry for this being what it is, whatever it is. And I won’t be sorry for never giving up, for being stubborn, and for carrying on saying that you are worth an infinity of stars. Because you are.

Because we are friends, and friends stick together to the end.

I have seen families tearing themselves apart, couples breaking up, and friendships gone to waste. And why? Because there is this ever-growing tendency for people to stop fighting for what they once believed in when things get hard. Of course, the EU isn’t perfect. But how can it get any better if its members decide to leave? Any good and worthwhile human relationship thrives to constantly improve. Being an EU member is like one of these human unions; it is and should be about improvement, it is and should be about sticking together and thriving to become better together.

Let’s be envoys of love

Let’s be peacemakers – not war declarers, let’s be lovers – not haters, and let’s be hopeful, for the world is such a wonder that was left to us to be taken care of.
Let’s be envoys of love instead of hate, of hope instead of despair, of peace instead of war.

This Is What I See In You

What I see in you is the eye contact held for a second longer, the delicate push of your chest against mine, of your hands on my back holding me tight and making me feel home. When we met, I had no idea you were going to be this important to me today. But here you are, beautiful heart, reassuring arms and caring soul. Here you are, standing on your two feet and offering me a home. A home. This is what I see in you.