The Truth About My Depression

The truth about my depression is this. It’s the devil living inside my brain and my heart, on a quest to destroy all of my cells until the last, catching every breath I take until I’m unable to inhale on my own, breaking every bone in my body until it eats me alive completely, destroys me, and kills me.

Happiness Isn’t A Destination

The important thing
is not to think of happiness
as a destination

Jet Lag

I woke up to a new day.
You woke up to a new land.

The Sweet Caress Of His Caring Soul

She could feel it.
Even miles away,
she could sense it.

The sweet caress of his caring soul.

The Answers Lie Within

Sometimes we know things and we don’t know why,
we just do.

Cover Your Heart With Stars

I’d like to dress up with stars,
and cover your heart with them.

This One Photograph Can Save Me From My Anxiety

But above all, I like it because of the way it makes me feel. Like it’s heaven on earth. I like that it’s surreal and comforting at the same time. I like that it’s permanent and immutable. I like that such a pretty thing can never go away or disappear.

In A Heartbeat

Everything can change in a second.
One day, they’re here, holding your hand and walking beside you.
And the next day… they’re gone.