The Place Where We Met

Somewhere I can see you
Feel you

NYE. An Infinity Of Beginnings.

© Music – ‘Chairs’ by Snow Mantled Love

Inspiration Lies In The Everyday

Each and every day spent on Earth
is a new possibility to breathe, to create, to love, to live…

It’s Right In Front Of You

You look for stories everywhere…

but sometimes,
there’s a great one
right in front of you.

I’m Still Wearing This Smile

I’m still wearing the smile you gave me yesterday.

The Truth Is, No Matter How Strong And Independent We Are, We’re Going To Need People

The truth is, no matter how strong and independent we are, we’re going to need people. And that includes me. And you. And everyone we know.
We’re going to need each other.

I Won’t Say ‘I Love You’ Just Yet, But I Will Show You I Do

No, I won’t say anything. I won’t say anything just yet. Because I don’t want you to hear the words, I want you to see them – I want you to feel them. I want every bone of your body to crack to the sound of them, every beat of your heart to ache beautifully and delightfully in your chest.

Thinking Of You

there’ll always be one heart
that’s beating for you.