A Few Little Thoughts On Writing.

Writing a book or actually simply writing is like archiving. Archiving thoughts, feelings, emotions, doubts, fears and joys. Hopes, dreams, tenderness and love.

I Will Always Follow My Heart

I have always followed my heart. People know me as the girl who always follows her heart, who makes decisions based on what she feels will make her happy and be best for her own mental health. Even if that…

petite liste d’un dimanche de février

Waking up later than usual, strolling at the flower market on Columbia Road, letting the scent of a lavender bunch take me back to the south of France, making pancakes, watching a Harry Potter film wrapped in a warm blanket, and taking a purple bath… these are some of the things I like to do on a Sunday. And the list never ends…

Here’s To The Time Ahead

Well here I am… I’ve packed my bags. Again. And I’m about to hit the road one more time. Like I’ve been willing to do for the past forty days or so.  Yet, there’s a nostalgia in leaving the place…

to the moon & back.

Sometimes, there isn’t much to say.
Sometimes, there is no need for grand gestures and declarations.
Sometimes, the most simple is the most beautiful.
Sometimes, just a few pretty, heartfelt words are enough.

I Want To Write Poetry Out Of You

The only way
for you to know you’re in my heart.

Early Morning

It’s an early morning
And I think I might just like you a bit too much…

On My Way To The Moon

I am taken to a sheltering and comforting world
I like to visit to escape reality.
I’m on my way to the moon
and eventually find myself in the sweetest company.