TEN, The First Monograph Of Work By Artist Andrew Salgado

Currently hosting Canadian artist Andrew Salgado’s latest solo show, The Snake, Beers London, which turned into some sort of Garden to welcome the colourful yet somehow dark and bruised paintings of the painter, is releasing TEN this December, the first monograph of work by the artist.

Behind The Scenes Of Internationally Acclaimed Short Film ‘MAYA’

While on a trip to his home country a few years ago, film director Veemsen Lama witnessed the horrifying poverty some children were living in. From this experience, he created the universal story of MAYA and turned it into a…

The Re-Telling Of The Tale As Old As Time Has Unveiled Its First Full Trailer

Disney’s forthcoming live-action film is re-telling the tale as old as time, 1991 animated classic Beauty & The Beast. Directed by Bill Condon, the film is to present refashioned and refreshing versions of some of the best-known characters and most-loved narratives of…

39 Of The Most Inspiring Harry Potter Quotes

23. Don’t let the Muggles get you down.
– J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Get Ready To Feel Dizzy With Instagrammer Angela Nikolau

Completely disturbed and incredibly daring, 23-year-old Angela Nikolau is a self-taught photographer from Moscow. She travels the world with her boyfriend, Ivan, and takes the craziest and most vertiginous and dizzying selfies from the edge of incredibly high buildings, and poses in front of some breathtaking cityscapes.

‘The Snake’ By Andrew Salgado – Depicting Hate Towards Outsiders & Healing Their Wounds

As a gay man, Canadian artist Andrew Salgado has always felt that rejection and even experienced it in the most brutal way possible, when he fell victim to a hate crime at a music festival in Canada in 2008. The young man was then left toothless and unconscious. “Something like that shapes you forever…” he says. “But it’s how you process and move on from it where you find the silver lining.”

Experiencing Burning Man – The Life-Changing Unexpected As Illustrated In Josh Yeo’s Short Film, ‘Deep Playa Sunrise’

Deep Playa Sunrise is their story. It tells the story of a chance encounter, of a kind gesture, of a fortune cookie filled with some of the most heartfelt, relevant, and life-changing words of John Lennon. It is the story of a small little something that is going to change everything.

British Photographer Tom Cullingham – Recording A Moment That’ll Be Gone Forever

Three years ago I met a photographer. Today he’s become one of my very best friends. Thanks to both his jobs as a film producer and as a photographer, Tom’s almost always on the road, which means we don’t see each other very often. Hopefully, our 21st-century devices allow us to keep in touch and share everything from silly jokes, some work-related talks, and personal shit to really pretty views and amazing sceneries.