Harry Potter & The Cursed Child [Book Review]

Brooms, wands, time-turners, and magic spells, all of the ingredients have been gathered to concoct the last Harry Potter potion. The wizard with the black rounded glasses and the thunderbolt scar on his forehead, the most famous wizard of all times,…

Paris Was Our Secret Garden

This December, I went to Paris for a couple of days to visit one of my best and oldest friends, Amélie. Accompanied by my English partner in crime and this girl who probably knows me more than I do myself,…

Here’s To The Time Ahead

Well here I am… I’ve packed my bags. Again. And I’m about to hit the road one more time. Like I’ve been willing to do for the past forty days or so.  Yet, there’s a nostalgia in leaving the place…

to the moon & back.

Sometimes, there isn’t much to say.
Sometimes, there is no need for grand gestures and declarations.
Sometimes, the most simple is the most beautiful.
Sometimes, just a few pretty, heartfelt words are enough.

I Want To Write Poetry Out Of You

The only way
for you to know you’re in my heart.

Queen’s Mile [Short Film Review]

British actor Martin Delaney, currently performing in the BBC series, Josh, stepped behind the camera to represent the ‘London he feels he lives in’ and gave birth to his directorial debut, Queen’s Mile, nominated for Best British Short Film 2016 at…

Numb [Short Film Review]

The death of a loved one hurts. A lot. That’s undeniable. But the way a loss is handled can do even more harm than the death of the relative itself. Very often, after someone close has passed away, there is…

The Temptation Game [Short Film Review]

Infidelity brings about a whole lot of different feelings and thoughts to women and men. But the ways this plague is handled varies depending on who’s been cheated on. It’s always been said that women have a very complex psychology,…