2019 Wishes: My Hopes For Better Tomorrows

The clock striking midnight on New Year’s Eve seems so far gone already… I read these words from ‘Princess Mononoke’ again, “Life is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed. But still you find reasons to keep living.” And so I took a leap of faith into 2019, determined to collect reasons to keep living despite all of the heartaches and chest pains.

And I hoped for a few things for myself – a few things I hoped you would wish for yourself too.

I hope to take greater care of myself. I hope I take the time I need to pause, and slow down, and rest when the maze of work and life becomes too much to handle. I hope to be brave enough to throw all that I had planned out the window, no matter how noble or seemingly important that was. I hope I can be my own best friend and hold my own hand until the fog lifts.

I hope to love myself a lot more than I used to. I am aware that it is a long process but it is so important that I keep learning how to accept myself as I am, for who and what I am, how to let go of that idea that perfection can exist if I push just a little harder – I hope I don’t fall apart when things don’t go according to plan.

I hope to love myself enough to hunt down all of the toxic relationships that have piled up. I hope I love myself enough to put myself first; I hope I have the courage to say ‘no’ when something feels wrong or makes me feel uncomfortable, and I hope I burst with joy and smiles when a ’yes’ is genuinely spoken.

I hope to love myself enough to feed my body with what it needs to function – I hope to love myself enough to always find the strength to stay alive.

I hope to love my life. And I hope you love your life. I hope you spend your days doing something you love, and that you’ll fill your diary with projects that give you a boost and help you thrive. I hope you make each day count. I hope you make it all wholeheartedly.

I hope you learn that magic is real and that it is everywhere – all you need to do is believe and open your eyes.

I hope we live in the now. I hope we never have regrets. I hope we have the courage to say the things we want to and do the things we want to. I hope we’re never afraid to speak our mind and speak up for what our heart is only just whispering. I hope we don’t linger in the memories of yesterday or in the worries of tomorrow because we have no power over both of those things anyway.

I hope we don’t put money and possessions or even calories first. I hope we find contentment in simple things and quiet moments. I hope we don’t end up counting everything because a good and happy, and healthy life isn’t measured mathematically. I just hope we’re at peace at all times and by all means.

I hope we’re surrounded by people we love and who love us. And I hope we never find ourselves alone when anxiety or anything of the sort kicks in and hits like a storm. I hope we never have to face any hardships life throws at us standing on our own, just doing the best we can as an army of one. And most importantly, I hope we never feel lonely. Loneliness is a silent killer that creeps into our days so easily if we stop paying attention and act like machines.

I hope we build strong and long-lasting connections with someone – or someones.

I hope we all have a happy 2019. Let’s keep fighting! Let’s keep living! It’s all a beautiful ride after all.

* * *


I am wearing an ASOS dress (last year's collection) 
& this series of photographs was shot by my friend, Maelle, 
and edited by me.


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