Life is here

“You live once, and life is wonderful, so eat the damned red velvet cupcake.” – Emma Stone

FOR every time you screamed to death for the pain to go away, you managed to find peace.

FOR every moment you could feel the aching to your bone and resisted the hurt, you learnt to let it go and breathe again.

FOR every day you found yourself imprisoned in the entangled web and darkest corners of your mind, you found a way out.

FOR every time you felt afraid and never backed down.

FOR every single time you prayed to disappear in just a snap of the fingers but never gave up anyway.

FOR all the tears you shed and all the hoodies you ruined trying to wipe them away.

FOR each hospital appointment you spent wishing you were somewhere else but came to realise you needed treatment.

FOR each day, each week, each month you worked on your recovery to eventually make it through.

FOR each meal you battled to finish, FOR all the times you cried in front of your plate still full of the dull food of the hospital, you remained strong.

FOR each night you went to sleep trying really hard to convince yourself you knew you were doing all this, enduring all that, for better days to come – for the hope of a brighter future.

FOR all of the people who didn’t believe you were ill and FOR those who knew it all too well.

FOR the ones who never believed and FOR those who had the strongest of faiths you would make it.

FOR all of the times you told yourself it was impossible, yet time and time again proved yourself wrong.

FOR all the time you spent in the crimson rivers, you made it to the surface, and FOR all the weary steps you took in the gloomiest tunnels, you found the light.

FOR every battle you’ve been fighting, you were one step closer to winning the war.

Because you had the strength to believe there was light somewhere, that life was possible somehow, and that, my friend, is a very powerful thing.

You can be proud of yourself. Now go. And live!

I am wearing an ASOS dress (last year's collection) 
and this series of photographs was shot by my friend, Maelle,
and edited by me.


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