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C. JoyBell C. once wrote, « the only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore. » I’m coming back from a life where eating, breathing, and even just living was hard, but I’m taking a new step each and every day, moving forward, feeling the sun on my cheeks always more intensely, tasting the fruits from the garden always more flavoursome, smelling the ravishing scent of the blooming flowers more and more peacefully, listening to the sound of the birds singing more and more in harmony, touching my skin getting softer and coming back to life, and looking at the stars shining more and more brightly.

Every sensation increases day by day, everything takes a shape that is clearer and clearer, until it all makes sense again – until a new life starts to take shape.

There’s no magic. Only hope. And small steps and little things – a sweeter day, a laugh, good news, a reflection that less and less dictates my choices and that I want to own again… 

“Dare to love yourself
as if you were a rainbow
with gold at both ends.” 
― Aberjhani

Mikasa Beauty, a company that specializes in delivering quality makeup brushes, allowed me to do just that. Owning my body and making it my kind of pretty and healthy again. A good week ago, I thus received, tested, and approved a few products, with which came a free large velour puff. 

The S200 Large Velour Puff (La Grande Houppette S200) 

This luxurious powder puff is large enough for use on the face or body, and it is adorned with a satin band; it’s the perfect tool to evenly apply loose and pressed setting powders, effortlessly conforming to face and body contours and therefore delivering a long-lasting matte finish for foundation, or a soft glow when applying face and body highlights (it is washable and reusable). 

Product link 

The E110 eyeliner brush which I turned into a lip brush (Le pinceau pour eyeliner E110 – que j’ai transformé en pinceau à lèvres)

This fine and tapered tip brush has long and stiff bristles, allowing for the most precise eyeliner application. 

Product link

The F400 angled detail brush (Le pinceau angulaire F400)

This soft, dense brush features a small angled head. perfect for precise placement of contour and highlighting products along the cheek and nose; it is made with synthetic fibres making it suitable for use with all product formulations.

Product link

Two Vinylux nail polishes (Married to Mauve & Powder my Nose (weekly polish))

While ordinary polishes become brittle and deteriorate over time, VINYLUX dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time. In a nutshell, Vinylux is a weekly nail polish known for it is long-lasting and doesn’t need a base coat, as it’s only using its topcoat that gets more durable with natural light exposure. 

Product link (Married to Mauve) / Product link (Powder my Nose) 

Mikasa Beauty offers a 2-year warranty on all their brushes, therefore providing a worry-free shopping experience. 

Smitten by their range of products, I have myself become a Mikasa Beauty Affiliate Pro Partner, which means I’m able to give you a 25% discount on your order; all you need to do is use the following code at checkout: MARIEMAKEUP25. Please note that this code is valid for all products listed on www.mikasabeauty.com including Brushes, Lashes, Hair Products and Makeup. 


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