The Chinese Portrait of 18 February 2018

If I were an object, I would be a key to open the doors of endless possibilities. 

If I were a season, I would be autumn, so I would be shading my skin of past wounds and put on a brand new one.  

If I were a song, I would be ‘Sick of losing soulmates’ (by Dodie Clark).

If I were a colour, I would be purple

If I were a novel, I would be ‘If I stay’ by Gayle Forman

If I were a film, I would beLa La Land’, for it resonates all too well in my head. 

If I were a place, I would be the Irish coasts, for the silent and peaceful atmosphere. 

If I were a motto, I would be ‘the heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of’

If I were an element, I would be the air, because I only wish to be and feel light. 

If I were a plant, I would be the green leaf of an oak tree, for the beautiful movement of its every part. 

If I were a noise, I would be the delicate breeze of the wind – quiet but loud, light yet powerful, and most of all appeasing. 

If I were a city, I would be London for its diversity and openness. 

If I were a country, I would be France


[Made at the hospital today according to the mood and feelings of the moment.]


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