My winter not-so-guilty pleasures

I always thought it important to make a list of the things that do me good, so that when I feel a little low, I can get back to that list and choose an activity among those I listed and gradually feel better – more at peace with myself, and with the world. 

In winter, this list may seem very short because of the cold and rather bad weather, but the space confined between four walls associated with a mind bustling with creative ideas may be more resourceful than you think. 

Here’s my list of my go-to, feel-good, not-so-guilty pleasures and activities for a peaceful and mindful winter… 

1/ Reading La Point Pop magazine special issue about the 20-year-old bewitching saga, Harry Potter

2/ Re-reading the Harry Potter books in their original version 

3/ Drinking nice and hot mugs of Christmas tea in front of the Christmas tree and fireplace 

4/ Binge-watching Netflix while eating sweet winter treats 

5/ Wearing warm and comfy Christmas jumpers galore 

6/ Staying in my pyjama or in a homewear outfit with my comfy sort of polar boots, my Harry Potter jumper, without forgetting warm mountain socks, and not giving a f*ck about it all

7/ Decorating the Christmas tree and the rest of the house with fairy, colourful lights, and making home a little more magical than usual 

8/ Baking and eating sweet winter treats, like the Réveillon papillotes, gingerbread biscuits, or a Christstollen cake

9/ Knitting the day away 

10/ Eagerly waiting for wonderful snowy days 


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