How I Made The Festive Season Be As Cheerful As Possible While In Hospital

« Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world. » – Brene Brown 

For someone who loves the Christmas season as much as I do, being somehow locked up in hospital was kind of depressing – that is, even more so than usual… I missed being able to contemplate the twinkling lights, and breathe the good smell of cinnamon, ginger, and chocolate all intertwining to dance the most marvellous winter waltz in the massive mug I’d carry between my cold hands, while watching a Harry Potter film for the umpteenth time. I missed the preparation at home, the hours where creativity is boiling, thinking about this year’s decorations’ theme and I missed the culinary tests and prowess.

Hopefully, being creative and coming up with ideas is possible anywhere, so here’s how I made the festive season be as cheerful as possible while in hospital… 

1/ I decorated my hospital room with fairy lights and christmassy characters, a handmade enchanted Christmas forest mobile, as well as a tiny little Christmas tree. 

2/ I made myself a festive working area to get me in the cheerful mood for christmassy blogposts.

3/ I spent a lot of time knitting a warm blanket for the freezing winter days as well as presents for my friends and family. 

4/ I made the most of my time allowed outside hospital to wander at the Christmas market in Dijon and be enthralled by all of the lights colouring the historic architecture.  

5/ I bought presents for the two patients I’m the closest to here at the hospital, and they did the same, so everyone could believe in magic and feel it in their heart on a Christmas Eve spent far from family. 


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