The Men Of My Life


Today was Father’s Day, and I guess it doesn’t make much sense to post on this occasion, when you don’t have a dad in your life anymore.
But I thought I would write down and share a few words anyway.
Because my dad passed away, and it still is a tragedy today.
Nevertheless, I am thankful.

I am thankful for the other men in my life.

I am thankful for still having both of my grandfathers and their experienced look at life.

I am thankful for my little, but oh-so-much-more-mature beautifully grown-up brother, Pierre-André.
I am thankful for his drive and his thrive.
I am thankful because he accepts my silly self and lets me apply awful snap filters on his face so I have reasons to smile and laugh looking back at them.

And I am thankful for the most supportive teammate ever, Tom.
I am thankful for he’s here with me everyday – at my best, but also and mostly at my worst.
I am thankful for him slowly bringing me back up from the lowest of lows every time.
I am thankful, because when I feel like I’m not enough, at any point of the day or night, he always reminds me of the endless possibilities withheld within me.
I am thankful for his unending friendship, despite all of the obstacles.

I am thankful for them all.
And I am thankful for their love.


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