The Time Travellers Elevator, An Upcoming Burning Man Project

Who hasn’t dreamt of travelling in time? Back to the past or onward to the future, the ultimate dream of many will be brought to life at the Burning Man festival this year thanks to film-director and forever burner, Josh Yeo, who was given a Burning Man Honorarium Grant, funding 75% of his Time Travellers Elevator.

Inspired by the Art Deco era, the interactive and immersive 1800s-French-vintage-looking sculpture of an elevator cab will have two working doors, classic elevator music, and an incandescent dome that will attract the lost souls of Black Rock City – this temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. It will be « a standard size, 6-8 person occupancy, and will have an inner steel frame with a patina rusted iron exterior that will look incredible, » the artist explains. « It’s going to look old, it’s going to look real, and it will be built to last, » he then adds.

Like every year, tens of thousands of people will gather at Burning Man in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. This year, the creative community will welcome this mesmerising project by the man behind the short film, ‘Deep Playa Sunrise’.

In order for this project to thrive, Yeo has surrounded himself with a team of high-profile creatives to help him bring his storytelling into the physical realm. One the one hand, there is Bobby Pin, an official Burning Man photographer for the last two years, and a published artist, who is the production manager for this time travellers elevator. And on the other hand, there is Reema Farhat, a project architect, and sculptor and painter in her free time, who has worked on Burning Man sculptures for the past five years and has a passion for large-scale public art.

The team is working almost day and night to create the best possible & out-of-this-world time-machine, but still needs help from their community to fund this new dream. Counting from today, there are 20 days left to finish funding the art project through Hatchfund, a non-profit organisation supporting artists, and where any donation is entirely tax-deductible.



7 Commentaires

  1. 6th juin 2017 / 2:54

    Thank You Marie for supporting our project and fueling our passion for art, love and life! I hope someday I can give you a tour of Burning Man and give you a photoshoot you will always remember!! Cheers, Bobby Pin

    • Marie
      6th juin 2017 / 9:30

      Anytime, Bobby! Always happy to write about awesome art stuff :) I actually wanted to come to Burning Man this year and had the firm intention to do so, but I recently landed a full-time job and summer is going to be the one time of the year I can’t possibly take holidays, as it’ll be the busiest period for me :/ But we can have an unforgettable photoshoot in London when you come in June/July :) x

  2. Michael Roadancer
    6th juin 2017 / 4:11

    Thank you yet again! This is going to be a project of the epic!

    • Marie
      6th juin 2017 / 9:27

      It is for sure! I wish I could be at Burning Man to see this this year :)

    • 6th juin 2017 / 9:32

      We’re so happy you are on board with us Michael!!

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