Quick Guide of a Relaxing Spring Weekend in London

Porridge, tea, chocolate, and spring blossoms – I could sum up my mini guidebook of a lazy weekend in springtime London to this.

• Download my mini guide HERE

A magazine in one hand and a good mug of English tea in the other – when I take the time to have time, this is how I like to say hello to the new day. 

Then, it’s time for a filling breakfast, like this magical blackberry porridge, made with love from A to Z.

Overalls on, I am pumped for the day, and keep on with some reading and a tiny cheeky bit of chocolate. 

After a morning diving into magazines and books, it’s time to step out for lunch. My personal favourite is Jamie’s Italian’s super food salad, which is a super-fresh combination of avocado, roasted beets, mixed pulses & grains, sprouting broccoli, pomegranate & spicy seeds with harissa dressing & cottage cheese.

And some other time, I’d let myself be tempted by the Caffè Concerto sea salad (and obviously, for vegetarians, it is possible to ask for it without the fish).

In order to digest all this food, nothing beats a good old walk in the park…

And to recharge once again around tea time, I must admit I have a strong penchant for chocolate brownies. Jamie’s Italian one is an absolute wonder with proper chocolate sauce, salted caramel ice cream & caramelised popcorn on the top.

As the day is coming to an end, I like to wait for the beautiful colors of dusk to show up and stare at the sky for a while. Until it’s time for dinner, and as it’s Sunday, I’m in for a treat at Bella Italia, enjoying their Portabello veggie burger, a warm freshly baked bread bun with a portobello mushroom, goat’s cheese, roast pepper, and mayonnaise, all this served with some salad and greens.


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