My Own Mini Walking Marathon & How I’ve Been Reconciled With Exercising

This Sunday, 23rd April, was London Marathon Day, and my little self waking up in Langley (Slough) without any exciting plans for the day was one of the most depressing first thought to have. Fortunately, the sun was out, I called Dumbledore to the rescue via Instagram Story on the day of the first round of the French presidential election because the Muggle world is a hopeless mess and so is this election…, and I had some motivation in store! While having my breakfast and a cheeky bit of chocolate from my golden Easter egg (I stole Harry Potter’s so shush), I checked the news like I always do and scrolled down my various social media feed to come across the #HeadsTogether charity, London Marathon 2017 Charity of the Year, which is to help change the conversation on mental health.

Needless to say why I thereafter decided to undertake my own little sporty adventure – a mini walking marathon from derelict Langley to cutesy Windsor. I’ve never been a huge sports person, and I am still not. I hate jogging and I am not the kind of person to go to the gym at all. I did horse riding for more than 15 years but had to quit doing this for personal, financial, and practical reasons as I was moving to London to do my master’s. Moving to the city may have made me lose touch with one kind of exercising, but it also made me connect with a another one. From the very beginning, for London being what it is and also for a lack of money (let’s be honest), the British capital has injected a lot of walking into my daily life. And I’ve gotten used to it. I would even say that I have grown to like it. Not only is walking healthy, but it is also a good routine gesture for our planet (FIY, I am aware that I could also cycle for the good of Earth, but I do not have a bike in my possession here).

So this Sunday, out of boredom and an eagerness to reconnect with the warmth of the few sun rays granting England with their presence, and with Vianney’s sound in my ears, I walked 4.3 miles from Langley (Slough) to Windsor, passing through the very lovely town of Datchet. It amazed how much of a contrast there was from that very point; until I reached Datchet, the first part of my walk was literally all doom and gloom and kind of dodgy, and a bridge over a motorway later I found myself in a much nicer and more pleasant area.

89 minutes later, I arrived in Windsor and had a little stroll across the busy streets of the touristy English town before rejoicing in drinking a good cup of English tea and rewarding myself with a lemon tart at Patisserie Valérie.

According to CityMapper, the walk made me lose 367 calories, which is 18% of my daily intake (e.g. 1.9 jellied eels, 1.3 packets of pork scratchings, and 0.57 cheeseburgers – this is the equivalence given by the app, I am a vegetarian… but this is simply to give a better idea of what’s hiding behind these three figures)

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