Four Chocolaty Steps To A Magical Easter

In about three weeks, it will be time again for Easter bunnies and eggs hiding in the grass, behind the colourful spring flowers. I remember going for a chocolate hunt in my garden and my grandparent’s every April, wearing a cute seasonal red dress with yellow wellies and holding tight my tiny rattan basket. Every year, I would find the unavoidable Lindt gold bunny and little chocolate eggs and delicately put them in my basket. This time of my childhood had something kind of magical.

And because I’m a little like Peter Pan and have never truly wanted – or rather – let myself grow up, I’m still going for a chocolate hunt as April approaches. I don’t wear a flowery red dress or rainbow wellies anymore, but I like to unearth the last gems of my favourite chocolatier. The four I have selected this year are the Lindt Excellence Dark Blueberry Intense, the Excellence Dark Orange Intense, the Lindt Creation Lemon Milk, and the Creation Raspberry Dream Dark.

◊ ◊ ◊

1/ Excellence Dark Blueberry Intense (100g)

« The Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark Blueberry Intense chocolate bar is a fruity dark chocolate delight, with rich cocoa notes that are perfectly balanced by the fruity flavour of the blueberry. »


2/ Excellence Dark Orange Intense (100g)

« The Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark Orange Intense chocolate bar is a very zesty dark chocolate bursting with orange fruity flavour. Soft and delicate orange pieces and crunchy toasted almond slithers for added texture and are enveloped in intense dark chocolate. »


3/ Lindt Creation Raspberry Dream Dark (150g)

« The Lindt Creation Raspberry Dream dark chocolate bar is a heavenly combination inspired by Lindt’s Master Chocolatiers: a delicious recipe of a melting heart of dark Chocolate ganache infused with enchanting Raspberry flavour wrapped in dark chocolate, delivering an intense chocolate experience. »


4/ Lindt Creation Lemon Milk (150g)

« The Lindt Creation Lemon milk chocolate bar is a new delicious recipe of a creamy lemon ganache filling wrapped in smooth milk chocolate, giving the unique sensation of eating a slice of lemon tart with just a square. »



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